The Stories Behind the Songs

1. Christmas in the Greatest Place on Earth: If you're from Louisiana, every reference in this song makes perfect sense. Every Christmas Eve, people gather in Jackson Square in front of Saint Louis to sing. A Reveillon is a long Christmas dinner. Mr. Bingle is a snowman from Maison Blanche department store. Cocktails at the Carousel Bar, fires along the Levee to welcome Papa Noel and in just 12's Mardi Gras. Merry Christmas from the Greatest Place on Earth!

2. We Say Happy Holidays for a Reason: We wrote this one sitting in a camper in Grand Isle, LA, Thanksgiving Day, 2015. I can't really explain it. We just started throwing jokes around about Christmas and lyrics started coming out. I had my acoustic and in about three hours, we had the song. No magic - just a lot of work. It was recorded in a day, mixed and mastered in another.

3. Home Depot Christmas: We set out to write a funny Christmas song. I had the chorus almost right away thinking about walking into those big box stores with the giant blowup stuff jammed in every corner. You know there's someone somewhere that looks at all of that stuff and thinks it's the height of Holiday joy. Put it in the truck. We're taking it home. This is that man's story.

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